Shitasu is a special therapy form which comes from Japan. Shiatsu is done with the help of the palm of the hand, thumb, elbow or knee to apply pressure on certain acupuncture points. Thus is having beside a relaxing effect also health benefits.

This therapy form is based on the Far Eastern medicine under the assumption that different energy lines running the human body. An undisturbed energy flow is essential for the health of a human being. However internal and external influences can lead to a disorder of this energy flow. Consequences are tenseness, pain or even health impairments.
With the help of a Shiatsu treatment those disroders are localized und relaxed by the massage. The undisturbed energy flow will be restored.
A Shiatsu treatment vitalizes, relaxes, activates the self-healing and recreates the balance of the energy lines.

A Shiatsu treatment, for exmaple, can be helpful at stress, exhaustion, tenseness, back suffer or tension headaches. Also at a tension tinnitus Shiatsu can lead to relief. As a Shiatsu treatment also acts on the joints with stretching and rotation motions, the blood circulation encouraged. This can have a positive effect on the blood pressure by the Baro reflex.

Mrs. Kanasugi matches each treatment on the individual needs of the customer.

For a sustainable effect we recommend frequent treatments.
Also if you are not having any current discomforts a Shiatsu treatment suits best to relax and to find inner peace.

We are happy to advise you in detail about the Shiatsu treatment.

Available units

Our Shiatsu treatments can be booked in the following units:

  • 60 Minutes
  • 90 Minutes
  • 120 Minutes

For a Shiatsu- treatment we kindly ask for a prior appointment.

Here you can find the current price list.