Dry Head Massage

The head massage improves the perfusion of the scalp and the regeneration of mental fatigue.

During or dry head massage you lie on a thermal stone bed (Ganban bed).

By using a special gel for the massage and by the warming of the body due to the stone bed the blood circulation will be improved and tensions eased.

The treatment consist of a first recovery phase on the thermal stone bed, then the head will be massaged, followed by a second recovery phase.

In contrast to a classic head spa we do not use shampoo and we also do not wash the hair. The treatment is basically „dry“ by using a massage gel which will be applied on the scalp. Possible rest of the gel can be removed with a towel easily respectively will evaporate by short time.

Enjoy a relaxing, pleasant and peaceful massage the Japanese way.

Available Units

Our head massage treatments can be booked in the following units:

  • Usagi (rabbit)
    Duration: ~ 30 minutes
    consisting of
    15 minutes Ganban bed + 10 minutes dry head massage + 5 minutes Ganban bed
  • Kame (turtel)
    Duration: ~ 45 minutes
    consisting of
    15 minutes Ganban bed + 20 minutes dry head massage + 10 minutes Ganban bed

For a head massage treatment we kindly ask for a prior appointment.

Here you can find the current price list.