Core Conditioning

Core-Conditioning is a special kind of training from Japan. On the one hand it concentrades on the training of the inner musclues, on the other hand it encourages your awareness of your own body.

Our modern life reduces our physical activities dramatically. As a result we are limited in our agility and. especially in old age, we hurt ouself due to wrong movements. One main reason for this is an underdeveloped inner musculature.

Babies train their inner muscles instinctively. Screaming trains their abdomen, crawling the coordination of the hip and shoulder joints – and so on. In a short time period little kids can walk and run – without a trainer or equipment. And haven’t you wonder, that toddlers sometimes fall down badly but go on as if nothing happened? Amongst other things their intact inner muscles is capable to compensate „wrong“ movements.

In our times unfortunately we unlearn the control of our inner muscles very fast and it regresses due to missing stimulation. Especially in old age a wrong movement can have dramatic consequences, as the inner muscles are no longer able to react fast enough.

Here begins Core-Conditioning as it deliberately trains the movements, similar to a toddler.
With the help of Core-Conditioning the inner musculature is strengthened. You will (again) become an understanding of your body and its movements.
For this we do not use any complicate tools, heavy weights or excessive trainings programs in large and soulless sports facilities.

At Core-Conditioning we concentrade on special exercises which are simplely but effectively activates your inner muscle groups. We put value on your understanding of the movements and that you perceive your body more intensive again. 
The training units are held in small groups, so we can pay attention to the needs of each individual.

By the combination of few exercises with frequent repetitions we make sure that you master all units and that you can practice them at home too.
All exercises are designed in the way that they can be carried out without big effort by everyone – at any age.

Prevent with Core-Conditioning civilization diseases such as limited agility or incontinence. Become and stay more vital – also in old age.

Core-Conditioning can perfectly be combined with other sports or training types.

We are happy to advise you in detail about the Core-Conditioning.


At the moment we offer courses based on each other. Each course contains of 24 hours in total (about 6 months) and takes place once a week (à 1 hour).
(If you cannot attend requent trainings but you are interested in Core Conditioning – contact us for a flexible solution.)

To have a try you can book a discounted trial hour.

Beside the courses you can book free training hours via a ticket. Here you can practice on your own if e.g. you don’t have the space at home. During this hour we won’t train you but we can be consulted.

For companies or groupd we offer special conditions. Please ask us.

Here you can find the current price list.