„From Tanabata to Umi-no-Hi“ – Special

In Japan on July 7th, Tanabata (七夕), the Star Day, and on July 15th, Umi no Hi (海 の 日), the day of the sea, are celebrated.
Both days include romantic, mystical and fairytale.
We therefore want to build a bridge of physical and mental relaxation between these days.
We offer you in the period from July 08th until July 12th 10% discount on our soothing Ganbanyoku-thermal beds.

Japanese Father’s Day (Chichi no Hi • 父の日) – Special offer

On June 16th June Japan celebrates Father’s Day (Chichi no Hi • 父の日).
This would be a good occasion for a Mibyo voucher as a give away.
Also for men our pleasant Shiatsu treatments, relaxing Ganbanyoku sessions or a Core-Conditioning training suits perfectly.
As before for Mother’s Day there is a 10% discount on all our vouchers which are purchased in our studio from the 11th June to 14th June.

„Midori no Hi & Kodomo no Hi“-Special

Celebrate with us the Day of Nature (Modori no Hi) and the Day of Children (Kodomo no Hi), two Japanese national holidays.

Therefore we have the holiday special:

Get a 10% discount on any of our services (Core-Conditioning, Shiatsu, Ganbanyoku or voucher) if you book on the 3rd & 6th of May.

Impressions of the opening party

A big „Thank you!“ to all the guests who came so numerous to our opening party. Many visited this event until late at night. We hope, despite the great rush, that everybody had a chance to try out our Ganbanyoku thermal beds and the art of Shiatsu by Mrs. Kanasugi. For all participants it was a great afternoon and evening.

Opening Party on 21.03.2019

on Thursday, the 21.03. 2019, a little opening party will take place in our studio.

Between 3pm and 8pm our studio is open to all interested people.
You can try our Ganbanyoku Thermal Beds or enjoy a little sample of our Shiatsu treatment.

Mrs. Yayoi Imada accompanies the event with classical music on her cello.

Yayoi Imada played as cellist at the Munich Symphony from 2006 until 2013. Since 2013 she is a violoncello teacher at the Musikforum-Blutenburg.

We are looking forward to your visit.